Parents living abroad naturally would like their children to learn their mother language. There are a couple of resources specifically designed for helping younger kids get exposure the Farsi in a more accessible, playful way.

Storybooks CanadaChildren's stories in Persian, with pictures and English translations.

Storybooks Canada takes stories from the African Storybook, and publishes translations into Persian (as well as many other languages).

They have everything from simple stories for beginners, to fairly advanced language. And what's really great is that all of the stories come with an audio track, by a native speaker, that can be played section by section.

And if you struggle, there are easily accessible English and French translations to help you along.

If you are a subscriber to, you can find all those stories in our books section.

LittlePersianAn Etsy Shop selling posters and cards illustrating simple Persian words, targeted at children.

Englisi FarsiBilingual picture books.

Lovingly designed, bilingual English/Farsi picture books for children. Both physical and ebooks are available.

Persian Language Online

Produced by a charity tasked with promiting Persian language learning, this website offers both apps designed for children, but also a very large set of carefully produced, short animation videos that come with an English translation, a glossary and dialogue sheets. They are ordered by increasing difficulty, and as such they are quite suitable as source material for self-study.

Even more links

  • Dinolingo - Animated videos for children