When studying a language, you'll inevitably have questions that whatever course material you are using doesn't have an answer for. Other times, you may just want to commiserate with fellow leaners. There are a number of forums and discussion groups focusing on Persian you'll find useful.

Reddit: r/farsiFairly active and friendly group on reddit

WordReference Indo-Iranian Languages ForumBusy forum for questions about the Persian language

On the very popular WordReference site you can find a place to discuss basically any one of the world's language. Persian shares a group with it's cousin's such as Urdu, Hindu or Dari, but it's actice community is sure to be able to help you with your query.

Even more links

  • Discord Channel: Farsi Study Hour
  • HiNative - Q&A App for Lanuage Learners
  • Reddit: /r/persian
  • Reddit: /r/learnfarsi