Learn to Read Persian in 5 DaysShort little booklet with exercises


This little book really is short enough to easily read through it in 5 days. It's really very no-nonsense, focusing on essential explanations and then giving you a bunch of words to read. with the letters you already learned.

Nothing more is really required. You'll want to practice more once you are done with this book to become a fluent reader, but this is the core instruction you need.

Persian Script HackingComprehensive & Fun


I love this book. It teaches you a single letter, then has you practice it by reading and writing. Also fun: You'll be asked to find the letter in a block of text, which is, I am told, what children do as well when learning the alphabet. For reading, you'll be reading words such as burger or Martin Luther - so no need at this point to actually understand the Persian language.

How to Write in PersianA Workbook with lots of space to practice writing


This is a nice book that walks you through the individual letters, shows you their stroke order, and then gives you a lot of lined space to practice writing.

A very nice touch I think is that they show you each letter in a couple of different fonts, to give you some idea about the different varieties of shapes you may encounter in real life. But I just do love fonts, so I may be overestimated how impactful that will be on your learning.

Even more links

  • goodcyrus's Persian Writing Videos - A video series showing how to write Persian.
  • Memrise: Read and Write Persian - A Memrise deck to practice the script
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