At farsi.school, we are trying to build great tools to help you learn Persian. But we don't believe that restricting yourself to a single app is the best way to learn a language. And there are many fantastic books, podcasts, and websites out there which we love, and we think you will love as well.

We've quite literally looked at every link posted on Reddit, in Facebook groups and language learner forums over the last years - everything we have obsessively collected over the years we are trying to organize and promote through this site.

Whether you are an advanced learner, a beginner, or even just exploring the idea of learning Persian, we hope to help you find the materials you need.

If you know a resource that is missing, please email us.

Note that we do have a sizable back log of links that we just didn't around to adding yet. We are trying to work through it. If you want to be notified when new things are added, subscribe to our email updates. We plan on sending out those emails at most once a month.

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